Welcome to C&C Designs Slot Car website.

I have been making models in one way or another most of my life from late teens to my forties, never very happy with my end product as I felt there were better ways of doing what I wanted to do.

In 2008 I started racing slot cars after buying a couple of digital Scalextric sets. This rapidly turned from an impulse purchase to an obsession. I now run a small digital club in Windsor, collect cars on every shelf I can find and custom paint cars.

I paint the cars using an airbrush and automotive custom paint, however again I found the end product was not as good as I wanted. This was down to not being able to create decals how I wanted them. After much deliberation I took the huge dive into purchasing an ALPS printer capable of printing white, silver and gold. More recently a colour laser printer which can also print white. This now means I can produce the decals I want to go with the custom painted cars I complete.

To offset some of my considerable initial outlay on hardware I decided to offer my services to custom paint cars, and now to sell decals I have produced. These are in the form of pre-designed decal sheets, Personalised sheets from a selection of logos and sheets created person buying them with help from myself..

I have created this site to allow people to contact me, please be aware that this is little more than a hobby and as such I am not a company.

Colin Hughes

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